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Operating room door manufacturer Dorcoo® automatic door technology co., ltd. was founded in 2008, deke people in the early 1980s successfully developed the first generation of automatic door in China, currently has more than 10 years of automatic door research and development of senior engineers, is one of the pioneers in the domestic automatic door industry.Headquartered in ningbo, zhejiang province, after eight years of development, the Dorcoo® team has become a highly competitive domestic r & d, manufacturing, installation and service in one of the automatic door, manual door quality suppliers.

Deco people focus on research and development, automatic induction door manufacturing and sales, is committed to providing clean/commercial/industrial purification of the overall solution, from office to the hotel, from the hospital to factories, from Banks to household, meet all types of users of beautiful sex, reliability, security, comfort, durability, air tightness requirements.

As sensing automatic doors, medical automatic door industry professional manufacturers, deco Dorcoo ® has strict quality management system and after-sales service system, has become the domestic hundreds of purification construction enterprise quality suppliers, won the Japanese chemical weapons destruction of engineering airtight door in China the only designated supplier qualification, has to undertake airtight door engineering and nuclear plant enrichment program by sepa.

The control part of the whole series of products of deke Dorcoo® adopts advanced German technology. The mechanical and electrical beam adopts the quiet design of high-strength and high-quality aluminum alloy and soft guide rail, which is intelligent control, stable operation, safe and reliable.The company holds a number of national patents, the whole series of medical door products have passed the zhejiang construction engineering quality inspection station co., LTD. Strict inspection and inspection report issued by zhejiang quality and technical supervision bureau.

Our products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Middle East, Asia and other countries and regions. We can design and manufacture various kinds of medical door products for domestic and foreign purification construction enterprises and hospitals.

Accumulated years of professional experience and thousands of customers around the world, agents of high awareness, reputation, all prove that we prove that we are a solid and credible field of construction import and export strategic partners.

In the global scope, we provide a complete range of innovative products and services of high quality, to meet the user's capacity, safety performance and artistic aesthetic requirements.Our deep experience, innovative technology, exquisite workmanship and global marketing system throughout the world, always provide the best solution to meet your needs.

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