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Operation and application prospect of airtight door

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Operation and application prospect of airtight door

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Use and operation

Each door is equipped with two internal and external operation panels. The panel is equipped with the request button for opening the door, the indicator light for opening the door and the indicator light for closing the door. The upper part of the panel is equipped with an emergency stop switch.Emergency opening.

Specific operations are as follows:

When the system is in normal working state, when the personnel enter, press the "open button".If the interlocked door is closed, the inflatable seal strip will deflate.After about 5 seconds, the "off light" will be turned off and the electromagnetic lock will be powered off.The "door light" goes on, waiting for people to open the door.

1. If the person opens the door, the door will be automatically closed, the electromagnetic lock will be energized, the door opening indicator will be "closed", and the gas-filled seal will be inflated.In about five seconds, the "closed door indicator" will come on.

2. If the "door opening indicator light" is on, the back door is not opened for 10 seconds after the delay, the door electromagnetic lock is energized, the door opening indicator light is "off", and the inflatable sealing tape is inflated.About five seconds later, the "closed door indicator" came on.

Note: in case of emergency, press the emergency stop switch to open the airtight door. 

The application prospect of

Market demand for airtight door tends to be personalized, airtight door products tend to diversify, new technology and products continue to market.In order to reduce production cost, the manufacturing automation of airtight door is improved.At the same time, the enterprise is forced to decentralized production market order.The higher requirements of internal and external business process management Windows are put forward.Doors and Windows system has become the dominant force in the market, and closed doors promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading.In Europe's airtight door market, the airtight door of various materials, such as PVC, aluminum alloy, aluminum wood composite airtight door, mainly used in its application field.Orders for closed doors came mainly from industrial, commercial, agricultural maintenance, non-residential renovations and new non-residential buildings.In the closed door market of Europe, the Windows of existing houses and newly decorated rooms are almost as important as the general orders for Windows in residential and non-residential buildings.With the gradual retreat of large-scale construction, airtight door enterprises in the future must pay attention to the domestic closed door market similar market.

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