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How to make airtight door appears more professional

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How to make airtight door appears more professional

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One, how does door plank cover surface resin fire to fight bacterium board to make hospital door appears more professional

1. The surface material is heat-curing high-density resin material, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free, benzene free (can be used for glasses, tableware, etc.)

2. High wear resistance (hardness up to 6500 RPM)

BIO mineral antibacterial

4, acid and alkali resistance

5. Fire prevention (fire rating reaches two levels)

6, anti-uv, no discoloration

7. Anti-static

8. Rich in color (over 60)

2, the tempering treatment of door edge, the corner of the door is damaged extremely easily, aluminium alloy edge is used at tempering consolidate.Compared with the traditional edge grinding method, it is stronger, does not absorb moisture and does not deform.Anti-crack, more beautiful and durable.

Thirdly, we can also add stainless steel collision belt in the collision section according to the requirements of the hospital.Compared with colloidal anti-collision belt, it does not age, does not change color, does not deform, does not remove slag, more durable.

Four, the internal structure of the hospital door is a high-density composite plate, filled with grid, stronger than the traditional honeycomb structure, moisture-proof, anti-deformation, air defense.

The door cover is made of resin fireproof and antibacterial board.The interior is a horizontal, vertical and fast young combination that prevents moisture, cracking and deformation.(during assembly, wax the upper and lower sides of the door cover to prevent moisture and crack)

6. The door cover and door line are protected by aluminum alloy to prevent scratches and scratches after the collision of the operating car.

Seven, the window glass on the door: all use 5mm tempered glass

Eight, mother-in-law and opposite door, all use mouth, mute sound insulation bar, promote the rest of the patient, keep the room quiet.

Therefore, after continuous improvement of our products, panan products are more professional, more authoritative, more suitable for the field of hospital indoor doors, and more durable.


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