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Introduction about airtight door

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Introduction about airtight door

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Air-tight sliding door is a translation door, set air-tight, sound insulation, insulation, pressure, dust, fire, radiation in one.It is commonly used in hospitals, food factories, industrial plants, etc. It requires sound insulation, heat insulation and air tightness.

The airtight door adopts small volume, high-power brushless dc motor, which can run for a long time without any problem even if it is often opened and closed.The door is equipped with a professional vacuum airtight rubber strip and unique pressing technology, to ensure that the door frame closely cooperate, when the door closed to achieve a reliable airtight effect.

The airtight door is equipped with foot switch and special handle for medical personnel to open the door.When the power is off, a special handle can be used and the door can be opened with a small push.

Airtight doors can be equipped with safety sensors to effectively prevent people from being squeezed, or drive sensors can be set to automatically open the door from the room;Remote control for control, simple and convenient.The user can set the effect of the sensor according to the needs, and can flexibly set the action mode of the sensor according to the working habits of doctors and the characteristics of various surgeries, so as to achieve the best effect.

Characteristics of the

1. The opening and closing of the airtight door are mechanized and automatic, and the operation is safe and reliable.

The opening and closing of the door realizes the motor drive, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and traffic efficiency of the entrance door.Due to advanced control technology and safety protection measures, access doors are safer and more reliable.

2. Sealing performance and energy saving performance.

No matter where the sealed door is turned, it closes automatically.Therefore, it can reduce heat loss, reduce dust intrusion, increase air tightness, and save energy.Other types of airtight doors can quickly and automatically close the door and adjust the width of the door opening to also increase air tightness and energy efficiency.

The closed door enhanced the beautification function of the building.

Due to the extensive use of new design, new decorative materials and new processing technology of sealing doors, the shape and structure of buildings and buildings will be more harmonious, more matching and enhance the beautification function of buildings.

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