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What aspects should be considered in the design of airtight door?

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What aspects should be considered in the design of airtight door?

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The current hospital design must be comprehensive, and the management concept must be plastic, and cannot be limited to the immediate, hospital management concept, directly related to architecture and interior design.Green hospital design introduces you to all aspects of hospital interior design.

The architectural design is the earliest design approved by party a.It contains the inspiration and hard work of the architect as well as the thoughts of the client.Interior design should inherit good architectural design concept.

The design and construction of the hospital is combined with many specialties.Coordinating this relationship and progress has become the most difficult thing.General contracting, civil engineering, interior decoration, water supply, heating, power supply, piping and other professionals directly affect the height of the interior design, the realization of modeling, the realization of the design effect, the length of construction time.

In order to do a good job of hospital interior design, the designer must be able to practice on the construction site, understand all the material characteristics and construction techniques, and should be able to anticipate the difficulty and be able to achieve the structure at the beginning of the design, avoiding very beautiful design.The drawing does not conform to the site conditions or the construction is not up to the ideal level.If the design effect is not achieved and the design is temporarily changed, the overall effect cannot be guaranteed.

Design art exhibition.This is the designer's professional, using the vision and design philosophy of the professional designer, to make an artistic design for this special space of the hospital, neither following the rules nor deviating from the public.

After long-term development, the hospital door industry continues to grow.Since 2004 hospital specific door name began, after 14 years of long-term development, the hospital door manufacturers across the country, such as spring bamboo after the spring rain, from scratch rapid development.Specialized hospital manufacturers have spread throughout the country hundreds of places.In recent years, the medical system has been improved.The state provides a medical environment for people.All countries in the country supported the construction of large hospitals.The rapid development and expansion of private hospitals led to the establishment of more than 60,000 hospitals nationwide, which led to the development of many hospital gateway enterprises.

Since the transformation of panan hospital special door manufacturer in 2004, the company has experienced 14 years and nearly 2000 projects in the country.The annual supply of wooden doors exceeds 80,000 sets, and the daily output of panan hospital can reach more than 400 sets.All semi-intelligent assembly lines in the workshop, electronic cutting saws, electronic intelligent door machines, high temperature cold press and other intelligent equipment greatly improve the accuracy of products, reduce unnecessary error rate.Based on professional, dedicated, green hospital, professional and technical personnel of panan manufacturers have listened to the opinions of the hospital for many times, continuously summarized and explored, repeated tests, and constantly applied and updated environmental protection raw materials, constantly updated products.Door manufacturers developed the seventh generation of CPL hospital special resin door, with anti-collision, anti-scratch, green environmental protection, antibacterial, antibacterial, waterproof and moisture-proof, fire, anti-ultraviolet.

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