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Hospital door manufacturer design standard

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Hospital door manufacturer design standard

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Hospital door market competition is increasingly fierce, hospital door market hot situation is more and more intense.Enterprises that join the investment promotion of major hospitals are doing their best to expand investment promotion channels.

The so-called channel has gone global, and this business language has undoubtedly become the first choice for hospitals to expand their market.Who has more franchise market, who will compete in the future industry

There is more discourse power.

However, hospital specific door enterprises need to pay attention to the refinement of selling points when joining the enterprise.A selling point is a unique selling proposition for a brand or product.

In place, grasp the difference.Many owners of hospital door businesses are selling or producing their own origins.In the early days of hospital door enterprises, they will develop and design many advantages for their own products.When you ask about the company's products

They list more than a dozen items when they sell them, so basically every company has a lot to sell.

But in fact, too many selling points mean that there is no selling point, because many selling points are not conducive to communication, which is not conducive to cultivating their core competitiveness, and is not conducive to accurate market docking.For more companies, it's a matter of subtracting the refining of the product's selling points and finding a point among all the selling points that will impress the market the most.

The design style of medical door is different, the style is different, installation integral effect often is different.Therefore, when marketing shopping, you have to know a lot of details, and then the design of each special door will be different.All of this needs to be seen in the comparison process in order to see the difference, which from the point of view of selection will make you have different aspects.The function of medical door is very practical, especially in sound insulation effect respect, want to install special door only between two infirmary namely, interior sound insulation effect is very good.Therefore, on this point, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of the design to understand the characteristics of the special door, only to find that most hospitals in the construction process will use this door to decorate, the effect is very good.

The procedure for installing the medical door is relatively simple.In general, the door installation process takes only an hour to complete and the exterior decoration is still very good.

Medical door/one button.After general installation of the door frame, the medical door is directly fixed on the door frame through the clasp, playing a fixed role.

Of course, the fastener fittings are also different from other door fasteners.Of course, you need to pay attention to the accessories during the installation process, so that the medical door can be more perfect after installation, and do not encounter during the opening and closing process.Any obstacle.Next, screw and nut are the most important two in medical door fitting, because screw and nut are installed with common door different, the Angle of this fitting can have very big difference.Sex, characterized by rotation or movement.

Therefore, when choosing to purchase accessories, you must choose a more professional screw or nut, and then more convenient in the process of installing the door.

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