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The advantage characteristic about airtight door

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The advantage characteristic about airtight door

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Advantage function

1. Good heat preservation of airtight door: low thermal conductivity of aluminum-plastic composite section, 1250 times of aluminum, good air tightness.In the cold region, although it is less than dozens of indoor and outdoor, but is another world..

2. Good sound of airtight door: its structural design, tight joint, test results, sound insulation over 30dB, in line with relevant standards.

3, the influence of the closed door: aluminum alloy profile outer surface USES aluminum plastic composite material, the impact force to the steel window is bigger than the resistance.

4, air tightness of airtight door is good: aluminum-plastic composite window is set in each slot with multiple belts or belt seal, air tight layer, give full play to the effect of air conditioning, energy saving 50%.

5, watertight doors and Windows design: waterproof structure, rain will be completely isolated from the outside, watertight in accordance with the national standards.

6. The closed door has good fireproof performance: it is made of UPVC plastic doors and Windows, and does not self-ignite or support combustion.

7, closed door security: closed door with good hardware accessories and advanced decorative locks, thieves do not know what to do.

8. Maintenance free: aluminum-plastic composite profile is not easy to be eroded by acid, will not yellow, almost no maintenance.Clean dirt, water and detergent and rinse.

Main indicators

1. Gas-filled seal material: silica gel.

2. Hardness of inflatable seal strip: 60~70.

3. Environmental temperature adaptability: -30°C~50°C

4. Charging of inflatable sealant and air release test: charging pressure 2.0kg/cm~3.0kg/cm, charging time <5 seconds, air release time <5 seconds, repeat over 5000 times, no blasting or air leakage.

5. Monitoring system: it can monitor the air pressure of the inflatable seal strip, the state of the air tight door switch and the switching time of the air tight door, and can be displayed and alarm by the central control system.

6. The door can be automatically closed, the door can be automatically closed and opened, and the door can be automatically charged and deflated.Charging and venting can also be manually controlled.

7. Install emergency exhaust valve and emergency door open button on both sides of the door.

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