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  After sale service

  The company implements the installation service process according to the international quality assurance system.The designated professional logistics service is safe and fast.The after-sales service department of the company has a professional installation team. After receiving the order, the installation personnel should refer to the installation work instruction.After the installation, according to the "installation acceptance standard" acceptance.Then the user according to the "automatic door installation acceptance sheet" standard sign.Create user profile for each user.If you need to provide installation guidance for purchasing our products, the company will send experienced installation personnel to provide on-the-spot guidance.

  1. The company promises that the repair rate of deke automatic door series products is less than 3%.

  2. The company promises to guarantee major parts of the product and maintain them for life from the date of acceptance of the project.

  3. During the free maintenance period, the company shall be responsible for free repair or replacement of any damage or damage caused by the quality of the product itself.

  4. The company visits customers from time to time every year to understand the use of products and feedback relevant information to relevant departments of the company to improve product quality or service.

  5. No matter what channel the customer reports the quality problem, record it and give feedback within 12 hours.

  6. In case of damage or damage to engineering products caused by improper use after the free warranty period, maintenance services will be provided in a timely manner, and only spare parts and travel expenses will be charged.

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