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Medical opportunity to see the hospital door manufacturers

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Medical opportunity to see the hospital door manufacturers

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Everyone in the medical establishment will see various medical doors.You can also see that the medical door is different from the normal door.Do you know how the medical door is installed?The following medical door manufacturer - pan an to everyone introduced the medical door installation process.First, installation conditions

1. Installation method of reserved hole must be used.Do not install side wall.

2, must be in the door ground works (such as floor tile, stone), wall brick and wall construction, after installation, before installation, if the wall is damp, use moisture-proof material isolation.

Second, installation tools

Electric hammer, wood hoe, flat boring, side planer, fine-tooth saw (combination saw), screwdriver, square ruler, tape measure, far infrared ray, electric drill, hole opener, seal, corresponding specifications of drill bit.

Installation materials

Self tapping screw, wood screw, styrofoam, towel, wooden strip, glue, door lock, hinge, door suction, wall moisture-proof material, glass glue and porcelain glue.

Iv. Preparation before installation

Please carefully check the number, style, color and size of the medical door before installing it.

1. The door door and the door frame should pile up cushions indoors, and the frame and the door door should be separated.Do not store with acid or alkali.The room should be clean, dry and ventilated.

2. Store in a room without shelf, separate from heat source to avoid heat.

3. Check the site conditions, clean and clean the work area, and check whether the reserved size of door hole or door frame meets the requirements.

4. Confirm the installation size and stock all products and accessories.

5. Prepare installation tools and open door doors, door frames and hardware, door locks, hinges, glass, etc individually, but do not need to open all main and accessory packaging.So as not to cause damage and confusion.

Five, installation plan

First check whether the components of the medical door are complete, whether the size of the components is correct, and whether the position of the door group of the corresponding equipment is consistent with the size of the door hole.

1. Assemble the door cover

First find the door cover and the vertical plate.According to the following number, the joint should be in the same plane.Glue the interface and put 60mm in the hole behind the interface.Tighten the wood screws and tighten with a screwdriver.Do not screw the screw directly into the inlet sleeve.Check whether the size between the nozzles is correct and whether the joints are smooth and firm.

2. Install the door cover

Put the assembled door cover into the entry hole and fix the door cover of the medical door with a small wooden strip.Both sides of the door cover should be on the same plane as the wall.Then check that the entire door cover is perpendicular to the ground.The two corners of the roof and the two vertical plates are right Angle, the door cover vertical plate is bent, then the gap between the door cover and the wall is filled with small wooden strips, the door cover and the door are re-checked and then foamed.Glue.

3. Install the door fan

The distance between the hinge and the two ends of the door should be 1/10 of the height of the door.Heavier medical doors should have 3 hinges.When mounting hinges, use the screws corresponding to the hinges.Screw should be tightened with a screwdriver.Use a hoe to drive the screw.When the hinge on the door is fixed, the hinge on the door cover should first screw a screw, and then close the door to check whether there is clearance between the hospital door is the same, whether the opening is flexible.After confirming the correctness, tighten the other screws.

4. Install the door lock

Depending on the type of lock provided, it is installed in the appropriate location.The height of the locked position is 900-1000mm from the ground.After installation, check whether the door door and door lock switches are flexible and whether the joints conform to specifications.

5. Install the door wire

Cut a wire-saw with a right-angle edge into a 45-degree bevel according to the size of the installation site, trim with a plane or woodworking planer, insert it into the door bag at a right Angle, and glue the door line to the door board and floor glue.At 90 degree contact, the bevel is uniform, flat, and the joint is tight.The seams of the door cover are firmly glued together.At both ends of the door cover, the corner nail is fixed with a small straight nail.

6. Install the door stopper in the appropriate position.

Door suction should be installed in the distance from the door to 1.5 cm, so that the wood screw can be directly screwed into the wooden body, durable;Height: if there is a kickline, install it above the skirting board at an appropriate height of 15cm.It doesn't affect the land.

Vi. Acceptance standard of installation quality

1. The mouth is always good.

Door doors and door locks are flexible.

3. The left, right and upper clearance of the door are the same.Specific dimensions are shown in the attached table (6-3-1).

4, the door cover vertical setting plate should be perpendicular to the ground, no bending and distortion phenomenon.

The door cover pipe and wall are in close contact.

6. The decorative surface shall not be damaged.

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