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Establish a complete preventive maintenance plan for hospital door manufacturers

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Establish a complete preventive maintenance plan for hospital door manufacturers

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Preventive maintenance program refers to the plan, scientific, scheduled maintenance, maintenance and maintenance of internal medical facilities.The preventive maintenance plan is developed and implemented in accordance with the principles of responsibility and care for the internal medical door.Not only should the objective plan be reasonable, but also the subjective maintenance team must have certain professional skills.The improvement of the scheme and the corresponding system can ensure the performance of the medical door regularly.Maintenance and repair, timely eliminate safety hazards, extend the service life of medical doors.

The medical door manufacturer recommends that you establish a complete preventive maintenance program for the medical door.This is very important.I hope everyone will pay attention to it.

The maintenance of medical door is the foundation of management, use and maintenance.It is also one of the main operators.It is an important means to keep the medical door intact and an active preventive work.The maintenance of medical door is the objective requirement of medical door operation.In the use process of medical door, as a result of the material movement of medical door and chemical action, technical state can change ceaselessly unavoidably, inevitable abnormal phenomenon, and man-made element.Loss, such as loosening, dry friction, corrosion, etc.It's a medical problem.If not handled in time, the medical door will lead to premature wear and tear, even cause serious accidents.Do a good job of the maintenance and repair of the medical door, timely deal with all kinds of problems, improve the operating conditions of the medical door, prevent problems, avoid unnecessary losses.

When you are in a medical facility, do you notice x-rays or operating room doors?This is what I usually call the medical gate.What are the components of the medical gate and how to select the medical gate?

The medical gate system includes an upper track, radiation gate, lower track and actuator.Radiation door includes: upper stainless steel tank, left stainless steel tank, right stainless steel tank and multi-layer structure;The multilayer structure from bottom to top includes the lower fire protection layer, the lower lead layer, the square pass layer, the upper lead layer and the upper layer.Fire barrier.This is the basic system of the medical gate.

Everyone knows that the main function of the medical gate is to isolate bacteria.How to select the medical door?

The main purpose of the medical door is public space.For the special places of medical institutions, the flow of people is large and the patients are dense.Medical doors are used to prevent collision or cross infection.Therefore, when choosing a hospital door, we should mainly consider the following points:

Safety performance:

Safety is the main factor in choosing a medical door, so how do you choose a safe and durable medical door?The medical door is made of wooden door, composite board and steel door.From these materials, most medical institutions have chosen steel doors, qualified steel doors are the basic condition of security.

Manufacturing process:

The manufacture of the medical door is related to the service life of the medical door, which is also a key factor affecting safety.Medical doors open relatively frequently.If the screw loosens or the welded joint falls off, it will lead to safety risks or even safety problems.Therefore, it is necessary to purchase the medical door for the rigor of manufacturing process, and select the safe and reliable medical door.

Antibacterial properties:

There are a lot of patients in the hospital and it's easy to get infected.To avoid this problem, the selection of medical doors must meet the standards for use.In particular, it has good antibacterial properties.Qualified medical gatekeepers are coated with antibacterial powder.Slow down the growth and evolution of bacteria.


The practical degree of medical door how and use effect and performance concern, want to have professional manufacturing technology to satisfy not only the need that fights bacterium performance, want to provide safe and reliable basis for the patient.

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