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Do you know how to use and operate an airtight door?

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Do you know how to use and operate an airtight door?

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Do you know how to use and operate an airtight door?Each door has two interior and exterior panels.The panel is equipped with door opening request button, door opening indicator and door closing indicator.The upper part of the panel is provided with an emergency stop switch for emergency opening.Do you know how to use and operate an airtight door?

When the system is in normal working state, when the personnel enter, press the "open button".If the interlocked door is closed, the inflatable seal strip will deflate.After about 5 seconds, the "off light" will be turned off and the electromagnetic lock will be powered off.The "door light" goes on, waiting for people to open the door.

1. If the person opens the door, the door will be automatically closed, the electromagnetic lock will be energized, the door opening indicator will be "closed", and the gas-filled seal will be inflated.In about five seconds, the "closed door indicator" will come on.

2. If the "door opening indicator light" is on, the back door is not opened for 10 seconds after the delay, the door electromagnetic lock is energized, the door opening indicator light is "off", and the inflatable sealing tape is inflated.About five seconds later, the "closed door indicator" came on.

With the continuous improvement and update of the medical seal door of energy-saving technology, the energy feedback technology and advanced ways of energy-saving effect of energy-saving technology are very obvious, and the energy-saving rate reaches 15% ~ 45%.In recent years, with the rapid construction of universities and the increase of closed doors, it is imperative for medical closed doors to save energy.Compared with other functions of the unit, more hospitals have more airtight doors, high power, high power consumption and high expenditure.Therefore, the energy saving of medical airtight door is more and more concerned by the society.Conventional airtight door with medical airtight door feedback device has high power and high temperature to ensure that the indoor temperature drops to room temperature.Usually, the use of high-power air conditioners and fans, power consumption and cooling equipment.This part of the energy will exceed the other gates.Your body saves energy, but install an electrical feedback device.Not only does it not have electrical heating, but it also lowers the temperature of the room.Without air conditioner and fan, energy saving can be doubled, energy saving effect is equivalent to universal air tight door.

Airtight doors depending on usage, the sealed door is a clean operating room for medical needs, while the sliding door is the most widely used.The most common airtight door is the medical airtight door, the inside of the door and foot switch.When the person is close to the automatic door, foot switch opens the signal automatic door controller, the controller opens the door through driving.When the person passes the door, then walk to the door.Medical airtight door can achieve unattended power, can also block dust in the air, effectively prevent bacterial infection, save energy, reduce noise, and has been widely and rapidly popularized in the domestic and foreign medical market.

The medical airtight door is mainly used in the medical clean room which requires high cleanliness and good sealing performance.Do you know how to use and operate an airtight door?

There are two main types of medical seal doors:

Ordinary airtight door: stainless steel frame, both sides are covered by high density board and fire prevention board, and inside is injected with polyurethane foam material.Protective airtight door: made of stainless steel frame, lined with lead foil and MDF, and filled with polyurethane foam, used mainly in X-ray rooms.

The observation window of the medical airtight door is double SLR insulating glass, which can be seen from one side.In addition, various opening devices are provided: radar induction opening device, button opening device, pedal induction opening device and fingerprint opening device.

According to the characteristics of the hospital, the following issues need to be considered when establishing the airtight door system of the medical institution: airtight clean operating room is to prevent outdoor particles from entering the room to achieve the cleaning effect;Volatile organic chemicals and coatings may be used strictly and continuously by cleaning operations departments;Radiation chamber X-ray machine and nuclear magnetic resonance;Other exhaust system problems;Door closing device should have automatic delay function.

More than 20 years ago, China began to produce and produce inductive airtight automatic doors, medical general automatic doors and their application in hospitals, operating rooms, factories, laboratories and so on, for these buildings to add security.Induction type airtight automatic door theoretical understanding should be the extension of the door use concept, this is the door function improvement and improvement, according to the needs of people.Therefore, the understanding of inductive air-tight automatic door should be based on the requirements of human body door function.In the most basic sense, the doors that are part of the building must meet the requirements of isolating the external environment without impeding access.Therefore, the door itself should be firm and sealed.However, the professional medical airtight door is not made of ordinary color steel plate.The main body is made of paper honeycomb plate, die-cast by a die-casting machine and firmly bonded to aluminum plate (optional stainless steel plate).The total thickness is about 4 cm.The frame of the door is covered with aluminum profiles and rubber sealing strips are embedded in the frame.It's in the middle of the door.There is a stainless steel trim.When closed, the airtight door can be closer to the door frame.Observation window can be selected in the middle of medical induction air-tight automatic door body.You can choose transparent handle or dark handle.If you choose a dark handle, the door can be fully open, door opening space increased.Medical induction airtight automatic door is suitable for hospital operating room, electronic workshop and other special places with high air seal requirements.No matter positive pressure (pressurization) or negative pressure (decompression), operating room door manufacturers medical induction airtight automatic door basically can show the same performance.The microcomputer controller combines the foot sensor switch or the hand sensor switch, and the medical personnel only need to put their feet into the sensor box.Automatic doors can be opened by hand or close to the sensor to protect the contactless switch mode from contamination.Two - way electric detection automatic door closed, safe and reliable.The door adopts hair stainless steel or surface spray aluminum treatment, in line with the health requirements of the hospital.



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