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Production process and maintenance method of airtight door

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Production process and maintenance method of airtight door

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Airtight type is a translation door, set airtight, sound insulation, insulation, pressure, dust, fire, radiation in one.It is commonly used in hospitals, food factories, industrial plants, etc. It requires sound insulation, heat insulation and air tightness.

Analysis how to keep the door closed?Production process and maintenance method of airtight door

1. In order to maintain the operating room sensor door, the sensor door should be cleaned.Should clean door leaf not only, still should clean the moisture that the surface remains, in order to avoid the water that remains and door body reach component.This part is rusty.

In addition, the need to keep the hospital operating room near the door of the sensor clean, timely removal of accumulated dust and waste, so as not to cause sensor door sensor device is not sensitive.

2. When using the induction door in the operating room, please be careful not to let heavy objects and sharp objects collide and scratch the induction door, so as to avoid deformation of the induction door, which may cause the gap between the door door to become larger and damage the surface protective layer.Its performance is down.

3. The operation of the sensor door in the operating room is very important.Therefore, during the maintenance process, the guide rail and ground wheel should be regularly maintained and checked, and should be cleaned and lubricated to avoid hidden trouble of the induction door.

4. If the operating room sensor door is used in the operating room, the radiation-proof airtight automatic door will accumulate a lot of dust.In order to avoid the poor operation of the induction door during the switching movement, the machine case should be cleaned regularly and the power supply should be turned off.Ensure the safety of maintenance work.Production process and maintenance method of airtight door

Operating room induction door is very important for operating room.It can not only prevent the excessive inflow of external air into the sterilized operating room, but also facilitate the entry and exit of hospital personnel, so as not to affect the operation. Therefore, in the process of use, the sensor door of the operating room must be maintained to ensure the best operating quality of the sensor door.

Production process structure of airtight door

1. External structure: the door of the closed door of the operating room should be equipped with high-quality vacuum airtight rubber strip, and adopt efficient pressing technology to ensure the airtight effect of the airtight door.

2. Internal structure: the inner of the airtight door should adopt the rigid polyurethane high-pressure foaming process, and then cooperate with the high-strength aluminum alloy frame to be pressed and formed by the platform of the automatic lifting hydraulic equipment to ensure the flatness of the door.

The above two points are the casting rongli door industry to tell you the airtight door external structure and internal structure of the process characteristics.You can learn about Cast Rongli also provides customized services.Let us introduce the following airtightness.Door customization functions:

1. The surface of the airtight door can be selected according to the user's needs.

2. The airtight door can be equipped with foot switch and professional handle according to the user's needs, which is convenient for the user to enter and exit.

3. The closed door can also select the safety sensor according to the user's needs to prevent accidents.



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